Sunday, February 3, 2013

What exactly is the NOS Teletekstbrowser cockup?

Ah, Teletekst. The simplest and most efficient way to get NOS headlines and news imaginable. Plain text. Just a few characters per page. Predates Twitter, predates ... well not the Internet as such, but the Internet as it has been since the advent of html.

They have a handy nice little mini-browser that lets you use Teletekst on your computer. They HAD one, I should say. Suddenly, two days ago, the computer version went dead. The mobile phone app is still working fine.

Thinking perhaps my version had become corrupted, I uninstalled the browser, went to re-install it, and found the following message on their website.

"The NOS teletext browser does not work any more.Today, January 31, 2013, the NOS has taken a new layout of Teletekst into use. As a result, the NOS Teletekst browser doesn't work anymore. 

Because the NOS some time ago acquired full rights to this software program, we, as maker of the program are not capable of making the program function again. 

Our excuses for the inconvenience,


I love the way the old text has just been left sitting there for all to see like some kind of "fuck you" message to the NOS struck-through.

Since I never heard of XSO, I had a glance at their website.

It seems they've lost a key client recently.

Kids, can you please just kiss and make up? I want my Teletekst browser back.

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