Thursday, July 26, 2012

But doesn't cold tea kind of miss the point?

This fell into my inbox this afternoon. They want to sell cold tea for 8 euros. What would Arthur Dent say?

Making real tea with cold water

Usables GmbH in Düsseldorf has come up with a real tea that does without hot water.
Dusseldorf, Germany, 26 July, 2012 – Anyone looking for a fruity and refreshing thirst-quencher on hot summer days need look no further.
Making this tea couldn't be simpler. You just pour cold water onto the teabag. The water can flow straight out of the tap onto the bag. The tea draws in cold water and develops its full flavour nonetheless. A refreshing drink is ready in about 8 minutes, so your tea is ready for drinking in next to no time without time-consuming and awkward preparation.
The flavours – Cherry-Cranberry and Apple & Vitamin C – taste natural and distinctly refreshing, says the tea figures' originator. But Usables does not stop here, for the product's main attraction is its "cool tea figures". Fastened to the lip of the cup, these figures are likeable and amusing and are certain to put a smile on the tea imbiber's face as well. If, say, the tea figure is used as an advertising giveaway, the giver will make a lasting and fun impression on the customer, says Usables CEO Oliver Plantenberg.
The teas have a lot going for them in terms of health benefits. For how quickly do we reach for an ice tea or sickly lemonade without thinking of the sugar content? All the teas therefore come with an unsweetened fruit flavour. A 200 ml cup of Cherry-Cranberry has only 5 Kcal, and is also free of artificial sweeteners. 2 cups of tea cover half the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. These teas not only taste different, but are also far better for you than conventional thirst-quenching alternatives.
The tea is now available online for 7.95€ at 




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