Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Adobe and Microsoft back to their old tricks, Google too

I need to fill in the fields of a PDF to file my FBAR* This is a USA government required document, failure to file means a $10,000 fine. Google's Chrome is not able/allowed to open the PDF. Microsoft's "Edge" browser has somehow made itself my default PDF opener. It doesn't work either. So first you need to (re)install Adobe Reader, then make it the default for PDFs, then use Adobe tm software to meet a federally mandated filing requirement. It's 2020 and these companies are back to the "fuck you, consumer" school of fighting with each other and abusing their power to lock in users. Adobe nags and tricks at every turn trying to browbeat you into buying a subscription. Why is the USGOV a willing participant in this? *FBAR means: if you have U.S. nationality and have a foreign bank account -- even if the reason you have a foreign bank account is that you live abroad -- you must send information to the US Treasury's "Financial Crimes Enforcement Network." Separate from taxes.


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